Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I came back to Dahlonega Monday morning after spending lots of time with the boy at Ft. Benning and even making a detour to spend a night at my parents. These last few days have been all sorts of challenging in the best possible way, it's as if God is inviting me to a life of more. Maybe that is why it has been almost troublesome because in many ways I have been resisting change but today I decided to give that control over. This is something that I still struggle with spiritually because even in every day life I kind of like to have control over things that will happen or how my day is planned out (or so I like to think.) Today I decided to make a list of things making me incredibly happy:

- Monday morning I found out that my little sister and I get the opportunity to volunteer at the upcoming Life is good music festival in September. Needless to say we are both unbelievably thrilled about this.
- Over the weekend Charlie and I laughed endlessly about the silliest things. I told him in another lifetime I'd be a thug life gangster with a grill in my teeth and then we both pretended to be gangsters. We sang way to loud to "Payphone" as I pretended to be Adam Levine and him Whiz Khalifa. I jumped on the cart at the commissary (grocery store on post) and he pushed me around on it, all the kids were super jealous.
- I love getting to see good friends.
- Chelsey wrote me the SWEETEST letter which made me all teary, it was good friend moment.
- I was glad I was finally able to take them to the Thai restaurant in Columbus since I've been raving about it to Chelsey and her beau since we met.
- Chewy likes to do this thing where he'll go an sit on the stairs for no apparent reason and peak out over the railings so that when I'm sitting on the couch I can just see his big ole eyes and ears peaking out. It is the cutest thing ever.
-  I started reading this wonderful book called "Love Does" and it is absolutely divine. It is exactly what I needed right now.
- I'm off from work until Friday so at some point this week I plan to grab my hammock and go on a picnic with Chewy and my baby sister.
- Everytime I don't eat healthy balanced meals I end up with really bad migraines, and lately I've been failing at eating well so I got this horrible migraine last night. It was good because it reminded me to treat my body well.
- I just love that Chewy is a cuddle bug.
- I miss Yoga something crazy right now. I really need to get back into it soon.
- I'm thankful for this blog lately.
- She & Him makes me so happy!!! I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel.
- I'm looking forward to these next few weeks.

in joy as always,


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