Tuesday, July 10, 2012

about me

Hi! I'm Nisha. I'm a twenty something college student deeply rooted in small town, georgia. I am originally from India but have been here in 'merica since 2004. I'm an old soul. I love drinking tea and cokes. I live for warm georgia weather and twirling skirts. There is nothing I love more than walking barefoot on wet grass and spending the day reading in my hammock. I absolutely love spending my days crafting, refurbishing or gardening. I'm an army girlfriend and so proud of what the mister does for a living. I frequently blog about the victories and struggles we face along the way. I live in the heart of the north georgia mountains and trust me the view of the Appalachian's never ever gets old.

The mister and I met in high school, had our first date ever on July 4th 2007. After going our separate ways we reunited again in October 4th of 2009 and rest has been history. He is a 2LT in the Army and although we don't get to see each other everyday, we've been doing it long distance style. We love traveling, coffee shops, the Dahlonega square and going on mini adventures. Korean and Indian food is pretty much our favorite. :) We also have a sweet little baby Great Dane named Chewy.

Chewy enjoys stealing my favorite shoes and pretending that the shoes are his favorite snack. He also loves to play fetch, nibble on our furniture when we are not looking and especially being the biggest cuddle bug there is. He thinks he is a lap dog. :] 

Why the blog name? 
One of my favorite poems, "Say Yes" by Andrea Gibson has the line "start handing out stars" in it. Something about this poem just resonates so well with my heart, it helps me on days when I'm down and it encourages me daily. Life is all about positivity, spreading some love, and leaving everything better than you find it even with the smallest of the changes. Hence, I hope that I can leave the blogsphere a little better with my life, stories and crafts. 

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Lots of love, 


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