Friday, July 27, 2012

Garlic and herbs stuffed mushrooms

One of my all time favorite appetizers has got to be stuffed mushroom caps. Yesterday I was hardly in the mood to whip up some fancy meal with a lot of ingredients that needed to be bought. I found this recipe and thought oh how simple. I ended up making stuffed mushrooms and avocado tartines (recipe later this week) for dinner which totally ended up delicious. I was able to find the spreadable cheese at walmart which made my heart extremely happy because Dahlonega can be VERY limited in the produce/ingredients found here. Anyway, I followed the recipe but I kept it in the oven for 20 mins because I like the mushrooms on the crispier side and I used Italian breadcrumbs because I had some in the pantry. [Word of advice: Put these in last while you make dinner/lunch because I made these first and then they got a little cold and the texture was less than pleasant.] I couldn't find any precut mushroom caps so I just cut them myself by making a small circle with a pearing knife and caving the stems out. Just be careful because mushrooms are pretty delicate. Hope you enjoy! xx

in joy as always,


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