Sunday, November 25, 2012


Whew. It has been the craziest, the most amazing week of my life. Between driving to and fro for spending thanksgiving with my family and the boy's family, and working, I couldn't be happier. Yesterday Charlie and I were able to stop for lunch at this place called Salt Factory. It was absolutely delicious. More than anything, I was grateful for that one on one time with him. We caught up on our lives, and our future plans. We laughed, teased, stared at these awfully jumpy kids at the next table, made plans to come back, held hands and shared a ginormous sliced of chocolate banana pudding bread.
We got marinated olives to start, which Charlie absolutely HATED. I kid you not. He made faces the entire time. But they were delicious to me. 
I didn't really get around to clicking pictures of anything else, even though the boy prompted me to. The goat cheese ravioli was AMAZING and his lamb burger was juicy and tender. [and bloody, he really shouldn't get his meat cooked to rare. Eww.] All in all, I'm grateful for this memory.

In so much joy, 


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