Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My, my! It's been an absolutely crazy day. It started with waking up at 5 AM because Chewy decided to leave a little surprise by the bed for me. Let me tell you folks, when your day starts with cleaning up puppy pee... it sets the tone for a somewhat mellow day. THEN, after I showered Chewy left me ANOTHER surprise to clean up. At this point I had given up and decided that there was no point losing my temper because I'd given up, surrendered and waved the white flag. As I was getting dressed, I accidentally put lotion in my hair. This day would surely be a complete total goner. To top it off, it's been gloomy and raining all day outside. I just stayed in, cleaned a bit, picked up a lot of puppy surprises, fixed the blog on this new URL[which I also accidentally deleted today], got to facetime with the mister... the usual. He did however tell me that we were on no contact terms until friday since he's going to be heading to the range BUT I get to see him friday night. I am somewhat stoked about it but God knows he's going to be exhausted from staying away and sleeping out in the rain. Anyway.
I just decided to share some pictures from when we went berry picking a few weeks ago. It was kind of a spontaneous, spur of the moment idea. We drove up to Pine Mountain to grab lunch while I was down at Ft. Benning visiting the mister. Rose Cottage has become one of our absolute favorite getaway lunch spots. It's this quaint family owned cafe with the best tomato bisque I've EVER ate, and they do the BEST four course dinners. Must try if you're ever in the area. We picked up a flyer from the place advertising this little blueberry garden. We decided that we must go because the mister's mom adores blueberries and what's summer without stained fingers?

The place was this little backyard farm behind a family's home. Nobody was home and so we had to call them like four times and in the end we ended up putting money in their mailbox. We might have also played with their two gorgeous golden labs, and one of them was so attentive and obedient that even when we told the other to sit no matter how far she was she would still sit! I really hope one day Chewy can be like that. We plucked four pounds of blue berries and stained out fingers. 


Days like this are why summer will always be my favorite time of the year.
In joy as always,


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